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Factory Cream Dough

This recipe is worth twenty-five dollars to any

candy maker. When the cream is first done it appears flaky and coarse;

but the next morning it is fine, and the longer it sets the better it

is. When made up it never gets stale or hard. Never use flour to roll

out cream with when you can get the XXX lozenge sugar. Forty pounds

granulated sugar, five quarts water; boil to a stiff ball; set off; add

quickly twelve pounds of glucose. Do not stir. Set on the fire, let it

come to a boil until you see even the scum boiled in (do not allow the

glucose to cook in the sugar). Pour out, wait only until you can lay

the back of your hand on the top of batch. (Never let it get colder, it

is better to cream while hot than cold like other goods). Cream it with

two garden hoes, or cream scrapers. Add while creaming one-fourth pint

scant measure of glycerine. No need of kneading it, scrape into your

tub for use. (If A sugar is used the cream is sticky.)